Pedigree of a cat: let's spell it out
Patterned Any color can be patterned. The shape of the pattern is determined by a series of T (tabby) genes. AND
How a dog sees the world - and what do dog kisses mean
Of course, you have wondered why our pets lick our faces, hands, and feet. Do they
tabby cat lies and purrs
A detailed description of why cats purr, why they do it and how + answers to any exciting questions related to this topic
The mechanism of sound production Why is the mechanics of a cat's purring still so poorly understood? The thing is
Blisters with flea drops
What flea drops to use for kittens, pregnant and sick cats
When your furry pet is attacked by parasites, flea drops for cats will come to the rescue.
How to cut a cat's hair at home yourself, like the professionals do?
How to cut a cat's hair at home? Cat haircuts: photos
Grooming a cat is a specific procedure that most owners prefer to entrust to a professional. However, not always
Personality of the British cat: cold aristocrat or plush friend?
Can two cats live together? Accustom living cats to each other
Why can’t cats have their whiskers trimmed? What happens if you trim them? Why does a cat need them?
Why do cats have whiskers? A cat's whiskers act as an important sensory tool for cats.
How to wean a cat off Whiskas and accustom it to normal food
Cats Adequate nutrition for a cat is the key to its health and beautiful appearance. Surely everyone
Golden chinchilla cat - features of the rare coat color of the British, Scottish, Persian breeds
Codes and descriptions of colors of oriental cats
The golden chinchilla is a cat of an original and rare color, which is most common among the British and Scots
5 reasons for the appearance of a bump on a cat’s head - what to do
If your cat has a swollen eye, it may be due to a number of factors, some of which include:
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