Sculpture “Yoshkin cat” (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia)
Let's remember Slavic mythology It was Slavic mythology that gave us this character. If you contact her,
Savannah in Venezuela
Savannah - description and characteristics of the natural area, flora and fauna
Savannah is a natural area - such areas are located near the equator, where the tropical forests end.
The cat is made of fur, of desires and riddles! (14 photos)
Author: Yugansk January 18, 2022 21:48 Tags: animals cats photos 601 14 Cats
How to wash a cat if he is afraid of water and scratches, what to do at home?
How to wash a cat if he is afraid of water and scratches?
Any cat owner will attest that one of the most challenging aspects of caring for a pet is
Pedigree of a cat: let's spell it out
Patterned Any color can be patterned. The shape of the pattern is determined by a series of T (tabby) genes. AND
Personality of the British cat: cold aristocrat or plush friend?
Can two cats live together? Accustom living cats to each other
Golden chinchilla cat - features of the rare coat color of the British, Scottish, Persian breeds
Codes and descriptions of colors of oriental cats
The golden chinchilla is a cat of an original and rare color, which is most common among the British and Scots
How to determine the breed of a cat
How to distinguish a truly purebred cat from “fake” ones?
If the breed of dogs can be seen at first glance, then some purebred cats can be identified
Why does a cat lose hair in clumps on its belly and between its hind legs: bald spots form, what should I do?
10542Administration 1 Bald patches over the eyes in cats occur as a result of allergies, fleas or ticks,
The longest-haired cat breeds - list, description, photos and videos
Seventh place - Norwegian Forest Cat Norwegian Forest Cat These cats are popular in Norway
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