Sores in cats
Does your cat have sores, sores or scabs? Causes and possible treatment
Skin diseases are a common occurrence in domestic and farm animals. Pathologies manifest themselves in different ways: loss
“Durik, why did you shave your mustache?” Why does a cat need a mustache and why can’t it be trimmed?
Americans love to joke and smoke cigars - the combination of these two qualities helped to find an apt
Discharge from the urethra in a cat - what is the danger of this pathology
17852Administration Often, discharge from a cat on the outer labia is not considered normal and
Why can’t cats have their whiskers trimmed? What happens if you trim them? Why does a cat need them?
Why do cats have whiskers? A cat's whiskers act as an important sensory tool for cats.
5 reasons for the appearance of a bump on a cat’s head - what to do
If your cat has a swollen eye, it may be due to a number of factors, some of which include:
Why doesn't my cat's hair grow back after shearing?
Illness or molting The first molting of a kitten begins no earlier than 6 months.
period after castration of a cat
Early castration of kittens! An article especially for those who live in the last century!
In a modern city, a cat is one of the most beloved pets. Fluffy pet
Pyometra in dogs and cats – a death sentence for the manufacturer?
Causes of pyometra Diagnosis of pyometra in cats Treatment of pyometra in cats Pyometra is called purulent
Photo 1
Cat behavior after sterilization: what to expect from your pet
The first days after sterilization and the behavior of the cat Immediately after the operation, cats are usually
A case of piroplasmosis caused by Babesia annae in a cat
The main danger of ticks is the transmission of deadly infections. Most diseases in dogs and
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