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Who would have thought that a simple defect would become the basis for the emergence of an incredibly cute breed? Yes, these bent ears used to be considered a cat's fault, and only in 1974 did the whole world recognize fold-eared cats as a test breed. And already in 1978 they won the hearts of every judge and spectator at exhibitions. What can we say if photographs of these cats even now receive thousands of likes on the Internet.


Interestingly, kittens are born with straight ears, and up to 3 months they can droop on their heads. Depending on whether the ears are flattened or not, Scottish Folds are divided into 4 types:

  • Scottish Straight - short hair and straight ears;
  • Scottish Fold - short coat and drooping ears;
  • Highland Straight - long hair and straight ears;
  • Highland Fold - long coat and drooping ears;

What to feed?

To keep your pet happy and healthy, you need to carefully monitor its diet. If the owner plans to feed the cat natural food, then his diet should include the following products:

  • meat (beef, turkey, veal);
  • boneless fish;
  • offal (boiled);
  • vegetables;
  • eggs.

It is not recommended to feed cats raw, unprocessed meat to avoid infection with helminths. Also, do not give your pet milk. It is useful only for small kittens, but not for adult animals.

Products prohibited for cats include:

  • sweets;
  • alcohol;
  • fatty and fried foods;
  • smoked meats

Such food is not only not healthy for the animal, but can also have a detrimental effect on its health and body function.

If the owner decides to feed the pet prepared food, then preference should be given to well-known premium companies, such as Royal Canin or Purina. Scottish Folds happily eat both wet and dry food.

Your cat should always have a bowl of clean, fresh water.


Everyone has at least once seen a blue Scottish Fold cat on the Internet, their photos are incredibly popular there, so this description will be familiar to you.

The main difference from other breeds is, of course, drooping ears; this feature became the breed-forming feature. Cats of this breed are similar to plush toys in both their appearance and character, but more on that later.

The weight of Scots varies greatly depending on the sex of the animal: females weigh 4-5 kg, and males reach the level of 10 kg. They have a short and strong neck, on which there is a spherical head with flattened ears and a humped nose.

The paws are massive, but not very long, but this does not in the least interfere with the animal’s mobility. The fur is short and dense, which is why these cats are often compared to plush toys. The tail is wide, but short, while tapering towards the end.

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Scottish Folds come in a variety of colors, from solid to striped, so you can find almost any coat pattern.


The character of the Scottish Fold will appeal to many. These animals are kind, smart, moderately playful and calm. They love to play with various toys, and their favorite activity is where their owners are. It is difficult to describe how much these cats love their owners; they are ready to follow them to the ends of the earth.

These animals love attention and if your cat lacks it, he will definitely find you. Therefore, it is not advisable to get a Scottish Fold if you rarely appear at home. But in any case, don’t worry, he will wait for you and play even if he hasn’t seen you for a long time.

If you are a happy parent, then Fold will become your child’s best friend. This breed is very peaceful and does not like to scratch unnecessarily; it is not for nothing that they are often compared to soft toys because of their character and appearance.

Even in childhood, cats of this breed do not often play dirty tricks. The most they can do is hide your glasses or pen under the sofa.

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Don't be alarmed if you've never heard any noise from your pet, they don't like to meow. It's funny that their voice is the opposite of their appearance, the meow of this breed is very squeaky and you will only be glad of the pet's silence.

Top 50 popular nicknames

If the owners do not want to stand out too much and come up with a catchy or unusual name for the kitten, you can take a suitable one from the list of the most popular nicknames for lop cats.

Popular girls:

  • Athena;
  • Molly;
  • Buffy;
  • Rose;
  • Trisha;
  • Zlata;
  • Nyusha;
  • Eve;
  • Vesta;
  • Nessie;
  • Gerda;
  • Jesse;
  • Vivien;
  • Mayan;
  • Grace;
  • Stella;
  • Leila;
  • Caroline;
  • Margo;
  • Alice;
  • Gretta;
  • Yesya;
  • Leila;
  • Freya;
  • Shelby.

Popular boys:

  • Steve;
  • Knight;
  • Watson;
  • Jackie;
  • Lorik;
  • Neil;
  • John;
  • Ivanhoe;
  • Kotey;
  • Stewart;
  • Gillis;
  • Andrew;
  • Tarry;
  • Hugo;
  • Marseilles;
  • Oscar;
  • Sheldon;
  • Lovely;
  • Bastion;
  • Prince;
  • Ashfold;
  • Alistair.

Snow-White Grace.


Scottish Folds are very easy to care for. Once a week, inspect your ears and clean them with a cotton pad soaked in hydrogen peroxide. Due to the nature of the breed, the ears often get dirty, and they must be cleaned to avoid diseases.

Cats also often develop plaque on their eyes, which should be cleaned to prevent disease. You can do this with a cloth, just wet it with warm water and you’re good to go.

If you decide to cut your pet’s nails yourself, then do it carefully; you need to cut at a short distance from the blood vessels (a little further than the red part of the nail).

To protect the furniture, train your Fold to use a nail polish, but know that this will not be easy, because cats of this breed are very stubborn.


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"Natural" names

Owners who adore nature can give their pet an interesting name based on this. These could be the names of plants, flowers or trees, just go outside or look out the window and the world around us will easily give a hint for an unusual and beautiful nickname.

Natural girls:

  • Aspen;
  • Rose;
  • Hydrangea;
  • Agave;
  • Tansy;
  • Verbena;
  • Begonia;
  • Dracaena;
  • Fuchsia;
  • Morning glory;
  • Calla;
  • Violet;
  • Acacia;
  • Bird cherry;
  • Lilac;
  • Linden;
  • Nettle;
  • Palm;
  • Lobelia;
  • Freesia;
  • Birch;
  • Camellia;
  • Prickly pear;
  • Hathiora;
  • Azalea;
  • Fir;
  • Christmas tree;
  • Aster;
  • Willow;
  • Kohia;
  • Petunia;
  • Hosta.

Natural boys:

  • Anthurium;
  • Maple;
  • Thyme;
  • Burdock;
  • Aconite;
  • Cedar;
  • Caladium;
  • Spurge;
  • Ficus;
  • Buzulnik;
  • Gladiolus;
  • Lily of the valley;
  • Snowdrop;
  • Burdock;
  • Cornflower;
  • Tulip;
  • Cactus;
  • Narcissus;
  • Ash;
  • Bell;
  • Baobab;
  • Avens;
  • Thistle;
  • Hawthorn;
  • Cedar;
  • Amaranth;
  • Coleus;
  • Phlox;
  • Lithops;
  • Doronicum;
  • Poplar;
  • Crocus.

Blue-Eyed Bell.


When choosing food, do not skimp and choose products of at least super-premium class, this way you will protect your pet from stomach diseases.

If you feed your cat natural products, you will have to fork out for fish, lean meat, cheese and various dairy products. It will only be whites.

The animal can get carbohydrates from bread, various cereals and potatoes, and fats from egg yolks and vegetable oil. With such feeding, it is necessary to add vitamin-mineral complexes to the food.

Nicknames for the lazy and active

If your pet is too active or, on the contrary, lazy and prefers to spend most of its time in peace, you can choose a name that matches its character.

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Lazy and active girls:

  • Storm;
  • Nipper;
  • Scratch;
  • Storm;
  • Spindle;
  • Fidget;
  • Playing;
  • Fidget;
  • Grumpy;
  • Spocky;
  • Lenivka.

Lazy and active boys:

  • Vortex;
  • Sloth;
  • Kus;
  • Player;
  • Brawler;
  • Typhoon;
  • Assets;
  • Breeze;
  • Spock;
  • Hurricane;
  • Spit.

Scratch on the hunt.


Scottish Folds suffer from a large number of genetic diseases, which is why they often suffer from serious incurable diseases. Healthy pets are very hardy and have strong immunity.

Photo of Scottish Fold cat

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