20+ The cutest and funniest kittens in the world!


Articles, videos, posts about “kote” on social networks are gaining popularity incredibly quickly! Cats, cats, cats... What about kittens?! In order not to deprive the little fluffy balls of their laurels, Kometa.Red presents: the cutest and funniest kittens!

It’s hard to believe, but before, cats, or rather their ancestors, the miacidae, were more like squirrels than our usual pets. The first domesticated cats appeared relatively recently - 9 thousand years ago. The rapprochement between predators and humans was facilitated by a common enemy - rodents that destroy reserves of grain and other agricultural crops. So people and cats decided to unite.

In many countries, the cat has become a symbol of prosperity, longevity and good luck.

But! In the Middle Ages, the church considered cats to be followers of Satan, and do you know why? Because of natural cunning and big burning eyes. Everything changed after the plague epidemic, the carriers of which, as is known, are rodents. Cats and people are getting closer again. Subsequently, they helped their owners more than once with their instincts and intuition.

And today cats are our favorite pets along with dogs. Most of the kittens are in the USA and Australia. There are 9 cats for every 10 people in the country. This is affection! From the human side, of course, because we all know a cat’s love of freedom.

#1 Jimo, the kitten with the biggest eyes

#2 With a small tongue on a small paw

#3 I surrender to you!..

#4 The mime meter is off the charts

#5 He was about to attack

#6 Little evil cat

#7 Sweet dreams

#8 Koshkoshar or catfish

#9 So what are you going to do, little man?

#10 Spy

#11 We found him in the grass, hungry and crying. This photo was taken after we bathed and fed the baby

#12 Cuddling with your childhood best friend

#13 When your cat is more successful at yoga than you are. If only the broken leg didn't work so hard

#14 Batcat - our answer to Batman

#15 Daisy - perhaps the cutest kitten in the whole world

#16 How nice!

#17 Little kitty!

Bet his name is Burrito?

#18 Who offended him so much?!

#19 And this kid, apparently, has learned the futility of existence (existential crisis with misanthropy syndrome)

#20 Look at me!

#21 Mitten! Her name is Mitten!

#22 Well, definitely the cutest and funniest kittens in the world!

#23 But she doesn’t even know how charming she is at this moment!

#24 Peek-a-boo!




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Photos of funny kittens (101 photos)

Cute and beautiful fluffy kittens bring a lot of tenderness and tenderness. This collection contains the best photos of funny kittens that will make you happy.

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Kitten next to a plate Puppy and kitten in a basket Five kittens with a toy

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Two tabby kittens are walking on the rave. The kitten is playing with a rope.

Two kittens in boots

Sleeping kitten with a spot on his nose Tabby red kitten in the sun's rays Siamese fluffy kitten Kitten in a blanket

Adult kittens peeking Kitten and sleeping puppy Small red kitten in blue fur Jumping kitten

Kitten bathes in the sun

Kitten stretches its paw

Two beautiful gray kittens. Kitten plays with toys.

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Kitten playing the synthesizer Kitten lying on a blanket

White kitten with a pink toy Kitten in front of a mirror

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Two tabby kittens are walking in a field. A kitten drinks from a blue bowl.

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