Mauricio cat food: economy or premium

Description of food "Maurizio" for cats

Mauricio is a popular, inexpensive cat food.
It is sold in the Dixie, Auchan chain of stores and other supermarkets, and is produced in the Czech Republic at the Partner in Pet Food plant. Maurizio food is produced in Europe by order of PJSC Dixie

“Partner in Pet Food” is a large company that produces canned and dry food for cats and dogs. The catalog of this manufacturer includes brands such as Prevital, Propesco, Nutrilov, Vitalbit, Renault, Dax, etc. The factories of this company produce about 450 thousand tons of feed per year. The company has representative offices in 5 countries, and there are official distributors in another 33 countries. In Russia, there are stores selling food from this manufacturer in almost 700 cities (more than 2,300 stores).

What class does Maurizio belong to?

Industrial cat food is divided into 4 classes:

  • Holistic is an “elite” class of food consisting mainly of meat. Holistic products are suitable for human consumption. They do not contain dyes, flavors or other harmful additives. Such feeds are expensive and can often only be purchased from official representatives. They don't need advertising. Holistic example: Golden Eagle;
  • Chicken Soup;
  • Go.
  • Superpremium is a class of high-quality feed in which the meat content can reach 65%. In super-premium products, flavorings, dyes and preservatives are natural, and the main part of the protein must be of animal origin. This food can be purchased at pet stores. Example of super premium food:
  • Bozita;
  • Leonardo.
  • Premium is food in which the amount of protein can reach 35%. Premium foods may contain dyes and other additives. Some of the protein may be of plant origin. Premium food can be purchased at a pet store or supermarket at a low price. They can be advertised on TV. Example of premium food:
      Brit ;
  • Pro Plan;
  • Royal Canin.
  • Economy is the cheapest (“standard”) and popular food. The basis of the feed is made up of components of plant origin (including protein - up to 30%). May contain artificial additives, allergens and other undesirable components. These products require aggressive advertising and can be purchased in a regular store. “Maurizio” belongs precisely to this class (along with Whiskas, Kitekat, “Every day”).
  • In terms of quality, price and class, Maurizio food is reminiscent of more advertised brands - Whiskas, Kiteket, Felix

    Advantages and disadvantages of the product

    The main advantages of Maurizio food:

    • good vitamin supplement;
    • accessibility - easy to buy in a supermarket;
    • There is preventative food for spayed/neutered cats;
    • low price (Maurizio pouches cost from 16 rubles per serving).

    Main disadvantages of the product:

    • inaccurate composition (ingredients are indicated in general terms, there is no detailed description of the composition);
    • wet food contains only 4% meat (it is unclear whether this refers to 8% protein or the total content of the food);
    • studies have shown the presence of components not listed on the packaging;
    • there is no veterinary (medicinal) line;
    • No food has been developed for kittens.

    In economy class food, grains are listed first in the composition. This means that the percentage of cereals predominates. In the composition of “Maurizio”, meat and offal are listed in second place. This always captivates me. Of course, there can’t be a lot of meat in a cheap food, but second place in the list of ingredients is not so bad. I often hear comments from cat owners about offal in the composition, but in nature cats usually eat the same. Even mice and birds have a little meat and a lot of bones, feathers, wool, and entrails. The main thing is that the food should still contain animal protein, not plant protein.

    Popular representatives

    Today, products that belong to the super-premium class are manufactured by various manufacturers. As a result, a huge range of high-quality feed has formed on the market. Therefore, many cat owners experience difficulties in choosing the optimal price-quality diet for their pets.

    We have compiled our own rating of companies whose products have received the most positive feedback from professional breeders, veterinarians and ordinary owners.

    ProNature Holistic

    The first place is occupied by the Canadian manufacturer ProNature Holistic. The main meat ingredient here is chicken. Meat is used both fresh and dehydrated. Meat components are the main source of protein.

    The company produces a grain-free and grain line. At the same time, the composition never contains grains that are harmful to domestic cats, such as corn and wheat.

    The composition includes antioxidants and natural preservatives, minerals and vitamins. Thanks to this, this brand of food is very nutritious and healthy. Therefore, this ready-made food has become widespread. It is sold in many pet stores.

    Arden Grange

    Second place in our ranking went to the Arden Grange brand. This super premium nutrition is made in the UK. Dry and wet types of food are sold on the market under this brand. The source of protein here is fish and meat ingredients.

    The assortment includes a grain-free line. Arden Grange food for domestic cats does not contain grains. Natural substances are used as a preservative - a mixture of tocopherols.

    In terms of popularity, Arden Grange is slightly inferior to Pronature Holistic, although its composition is also rich in minerals, vitamins and other beneficial components (for example, probiotics).


    Third place was taken by another Canadian company that produces the Cimiao line. In terms of quality and composition, it is classified as super premium. This is a good food, since its recipe was developed taking into account the physiological characteristics of animals of different breeds. Therefore, both a kitten and an adult or aging pet can eat this food.

    The composition of this food was developed by specialists. Thanks to this, it turned out to be balanced and consists only of high-quality ingredients.

    1st Choice

    In fourth place in our rating is 1st Choice food (Fest Choice), which is manufactured in Canada by PLB International Inc. Popular due to its high content of meat components. Rich in minerals and vitamins. The range includes food that is suitable for feeding young animals and adult cats.


    The fifth position is occupied by German). The entire assortment here is divided into two lines: Sanabelle (“Sanabel”) and Premium (“Premium”). The first line is an elite food belonging to the super premium class. Bosch Premium is inferior in quality to Sanabelle, so it costs less.

    This food is suitable for any animal, regardless of breed. The food has a high-quality and balanced composition, not slightly inferior in content to the above brands.


    Sixth place in our ranking went to the Czech food manufacturer Profine (Profine) Vafo Praha sro Despite the fact that the company positions its products as super premium class, the composition does not always meet the requirements of this group.

    In existing recipes, fish, meat and other meat ingredients are used as the main source of protein. Vitamin and mineral supplements and natural preservatives (tocopherol mixture) are also required in the diet.

    Due to the not very high quality, such products are more affordable.


    Now it is advisable to move from the features of this product to its contents, that is, to the composition. Sheba contains approximately 20% pure animal protein. Depending on the type of wet food, it may vary. The food line includes dishes from rabbit, poultry, beef, veal, sea fish and shrimp. One of the main advantages of this food is that it does not contain soy, various flavors, dyes and vegetable protein.

    In addition to healthy animal protein, it contains fiber, a complex of essential minerals and vitamins, which includes taurine and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

    Perhaps the most questionable ingredient in the product is cassava sago or tapioca. But there is no need to worry in vain, since these are original starch substitutes. Cassava sago is nothing more than a cereal that is obtained from the cassava plant and, unlike many well-known corn or wheat cereals, is not capable of causing food allergies or gastrointestinal problems in a cat.

    What is the difference between wet food and canned food?

    There are also clear differences between the composition of bagged and canned food of this brand. Cans contain a larger amount of meat or fish compared to bags, since thanks to preservation, the freshness of the product is preserved much longer. But this does not make the composition in the bags worse or poorer in quality; they also contain all the vitamins and animal protein, only in reduced quantities.

    Natural products

    Hypersensitivity to a particular food is an individual phenomenon; any food can provoke it, therefore, for each allergic cat, a personal list of allowed and forbidden “foods” is compiled.

    More often, cats are hypersensitive to the following foods:

    • beef;
    • soy;
    • fish;
    • chicken;
    • seafood;
    • corn gluten;
    • wheat gluten;
    • milk;
    • eggs.

    During an elimination diet, one source of proteins and carbohydrates is left in the diet: an unfamiliar type of meat and potatoes or grains that the pet has not tried before are chosen. Veterinarians usually recommend rare types of animal meat that are not raised en masse for commercial production: horse meat, rabbit meat, venison, elk meat. The meat is boiled or baked in pieces, cut into cubes 1 - 1.5 cm. Then porridge or boiled potatoes are added to it in the proportion: 3 parts protein, 1 part carbohydrates.

    No other food is given; by-products of the selected animal protein are allowed. The diet is maintained for 9 - 12 weeks, and is not interrupted prematurely. Allergy symptoms disappear slowly by the end of the third month. It is beneficial to give your pet biotin in combination with Omega fatty acids. The complex helps reduce itching, dry skin, and hair loss.

    At the end of the period, veterinarians advise feeding the cat food from the previous diet and observing the reaction.

    Feeding cats with urolithiasis

    Feeding cats for constipation

    Feeding cats with diarrhea

    Further actions depend on the results:

    • If there are no changes, they diagnose a non-food allergy, transfer the cat to the usual food and look for other reasons.
    • When the symptoms are smoothed out, do not go away completely, and after trying a provoking food they worsen - the diet is repeated with a different type of carbohydrates and protein.
    • If the symptoms completely disappear, but reappear with the introduction of the same products, sensitivity to food components is confirmed.

    After the diagnosis is made, the pet is put back on a diet, then one product is added every 2 weeks. In case of a normal reaction, it is left in, but in case of an allergic reaction, it is excluded. As a result, the diet consists of safe dishes. You cannot keep your cat on a diet all the time; it lacks the necessary nutrients, which leads to other problems.

    Assortment and features of feed

    "Maurizio" comes in two types:

    • wet food in the form of classic canned food;
    • dry food in the form of crickets.

    Dry food "Maurizio"

    Dry food "Maurizio" is represented by only 2 types of crickets - for ordinary cats and sterilized/neutered individuals. Regular complete food is available with beef flavor, and preventive food is available with chicken flavor. Packaging volume: 1.5 kg. This package costs from 140 rubles.

    Dry food "Maurizio" differs in taste, design on the packaging and meat ingredients included.

    Crickets line-up:

    • cereals;
    • meat and offal (including 4% beef or chicken);
    • plant derivatives (including 2.5% beet pulp);
    • vegetable and animal fats;
    • plant protein extracts (wheat gluten);
    • mineral supplements and vitamins: vitamin A;
    • vitamin D3;
    • vitamin E;
    • copper;
    • iron;
    • zinc;
    • selenium;
    • manganese;
    • iodine;
    • taurine

    Guaranteed performance of dry food:

    • crude protein - 28;
    • fat - 8.5%;
    • raw ash - 9;
    • crude fiber - 3.

    Wet food "Maurizio"

    Mauricio canned food is available in 85 g bags and 415 g metal cans. This food is called Mauricio premium, but the prefix “premium” is an advertising ploy that promises good quality and taste, but does not indicate the class of the product. Now Maurizio canned food is produced with beef flavor (“Whole slices in sauce”).

    Table: composition of canned food “Maurizio”

    Main componentsGuaranteed performance
    • water;
    • meat and meat by-products (including meat - 4%);
    • plant components (0.4% inulin);
    • minerals and vitamins: vitamin D3;
    • vitamin E;
    • zinc;
    • manganese;
    • copper;
    • iodine;
    • biotin;
    • taurine;
    • sugar.
    • humidity 82%;
    • crude protein 8%;
    • fat 4.5%;
    • raw ash 2%;
    • crude fiber 0.4%.

    On the packaging of Maurizio wet food, only the composition of the mineral supplement is indicated in detail

    Does Maurizio have medicinal food?

    The manufacturer of this food does not produce a veterinary line, and the only preventative option is Sterilized food. It is recommended not only for castrated and sterilized animals, but also for cats that are prone to weight gain, live at home and do not have access to the street.

    Our veterinarian says that it is important not only to choose a dietary food for our sterilized cat

    Particular attention should be paid to the feeding order. Firstly, you need to strictly follow the veterinarian’s recommendations regarding the volume of portions and frequency of feedings

    Secondly, you should not forget about the drinking regime (this is especially important if the animal is fed mainly dry food). Water should always be in the cat's bowl, regardless of the time of day.

    The liquid should be fresh and at comfortable room temperature. I filter water for my cat in a regular kitchen jug. Each cat owner has his own kitchen policy, but our cat has 3 drinking bowls - 1 in the kitchen and 2 more on the windowsills (kitchen and bedroom). In addition, you need to follow the general rules - do not mix food of different brands (the balance of nutrients is disturbed), do not feed the cat food from the table, and everything related to vitamins should be decided only after consulting a veterinarian.

    Are there treats for cats?

    There are no special treats for cats. However, from time to time a separate line of wet food appears on supermarket shelves in the form of a set of 4 spiders. Each bag has a volume of 100 g, they differ in taste: beef, rabbit, chicken, salmon (pieces in jelly or sauce).

    Certain “seasonal” products are released only periodically

    Reviews from veterinarians

    Since Mauricio cat food is not widely available, not all veterinarians have encountered it. And those who know about it also cannot give either clearly positive or negative reviews about how this food affects the health of pets.

    And yet, experts do not recommend using it as the main diet. Dry or canned food for cats Mauricio can be given to your pet occasionally, when you want to diversify the cat's table.

    Nikolay, veterinary clinic doctor:

    “I can’t give a definite answer to customers’ questions about Mauricio’s food, since it appeared on our market recently, and there is no data on its constant use. But judging by the composition, I can say that it does not qualify as premium. I wouldn't recommend using it for regular feeding."

    Tatyana, veterinarian with 5 years of experience:

    “Mauricio food is not premium in composition. I also can't say it's balanced. In this regard, I do not recommend completely switching cats to it. If your pets like it, it can be given occasionally as long as they are not allergic to the grains it contains.”

    This is my first time encountering this type of food. So, Mauricio (Mauricio) My daughter gave this package (not small, weight 1.5 kg) to me with the words: maybe yours will eat it, they are not so picky, otherwise ours didn’t like something.

    15.11.2018 — 22:03


    One not so wonderful day, almost at the dawn of financial collapse in our family, I came across this food in Dixie. Since the crisis didn’t even think about going away yet, and I didn’t want to let my beloved cat die of hunger, I decided to take a bag of Maurizio’s beef to try, flattered that...

    17.04.2018 — 20:04

    My cats' eyes expressed the depth of their rejection of the food.

    Mauricio dry complete food with beef. I bought it at Dixie. It also comes with other additives. Despite the Spanish-Latin name, the food is made in the Czech Republic. A promising start. My cats live outdoors. They have free range and are not too picky about food.

    Table: advantages and disadvantages of Purina Van food

    Available in most supermarkets and pet stores.High content of vegetable protein.
    Relatively cheap.Low quality of raw materials (if no information is given about the quality of meat or poultry, then this is usually food processing waste).
    Good composition of components, vitamins and minerals.The flavoring additives, antioxidants, and preservatives used are not indicated.
    The list of added microelements in premium feeds is somewhat longer.


    Mjau (Meow) feed production is located in one of the most beautiful places in Sweden. It is here that farmers use the least amount of chemicals than in other countries of the world, and Swedish livestock have been a guarantor of the quality and safety of agricultural production for many decades. And according to manufacturers, the raw materials used in Mjau (Meow) feed are of the highest quality, without chemical additives, hormones, dyes and antibiotics.

    Reviews for this product are mixed. Some buyers compare it with Kitekat food, but cheaper

    However, it is important to understand that Meow food is an economy class food. Its low cost matches its quality

    Advantages: very low price. The food does not have a strong odor, but rather has an appetizing aroma. Almost all the granules are intact, and the food does not feel greasy to the touch. Quite a lot of flavours.

    Disadvantages: the composition is veiled. There are animal by-products and grains that are very harmful to the digestive system of cats. Contains preservatives and antioxidants. It is not advisable to use it as a permanent food. Cats become addicted to food.

    Subsequent investigations

    Thus began an investigation into the dynamics of crime, business and the private life of Maurizio Gucci. Various leads were immediately ruled out, such as the underworld, capital trading and issues related to the management of Swiss casinos, in which the family had long shown great interest.

    Maurizio Gucci and Patrizia Reggiani

    The police's suspicions begin to focus on Maurizio's ex-wife, who was always angry that her husband left her. After two years of searches, the name of the fortune teller who lives in the house of Patrizia Reggiani with her two daughters, as well as the organizer of the murder plan, is revealed. Ivano Savioni who works as a hotel receptionist.

    Thanks to the interception of telephone conversations between Savioni and the fortune teller Auriemma, both very friends of Reggiani, further details of the murder are revealed and, finally, the name of the material culprit.

    The killer, whose name is Benedetto Ceraulo and who already had a criminal record, together with director Reggiani and all those involved in the crime, including the driver of the green car, were brought to trial and sentenced to arrest. Patrizia Reggiani tries to commit suicide in prison and, after serving her sentence, 17 years later, she begins to work for the first time in a fashion house.

    Cat food classes

    Anyone new to cat care can be confused by the issue of food classes. It would seem like a wonderful food - beautiful packaging, a lot of advertising on TV, the cat seems to eat it with pleasure. But there is one thing, and more on that later.

    Economy class food

    This class of food is the cheapest and its only purpose is to satisfy the animal’s hunger. If compared with human food, then in terms of usefulness, economy class food is the same as Mivina. That is, we are not talking about any nutrients, much less meat. Economy class food includes such popular brands as Kitikat, Meow, and Darling. The term commercial class is often used, but in terms of its properties it is the same economy class food, the only difference is the greater advertising of the brand and brighter packaging. Thus, the popular “Whiskas” and “Friskies” are classified as commercial-grade feeds.

    Let us note, no, we will even emphasize that it is very undesirable to give economy class cat food to your pet as the main food. Due to the lack of animal proteins, low quality raw materials, the presence of dyes and preservatives, economy class food is completely unbalanced, has low nutritional value and, if consumed regularly, can even be harmful to the cat.

    Premium food

    Unlike the previous ones, premium food can boast of the presence of real meat, although there will also be various by-products. The price of premium class food has not gone up far compared to economy class food, but the quality has increased, and therefore this food no longer poses a danger to the animal. Many cat owners choose food of this particular class, since it is not too expensive, quite nutritious and its daily requirement is significantly less than that of economy class food.

    The following premium foods are popular: Hills, Royal Canin, Bozita, Eukanuba, Belcando, Iams, Brit, Natural Choice, Advance, Flatazor, Matisse, Happy Cat, Guabi. Note that Royal Canin and Hills foods are often classified as super-premium, because they are the highest quality among their kind and even have medicinal food lines. However, recently, many felinologists and veterinarians have stopped recommending these foods for cats, since the production of the former was set up in Russia. The latter always reflects poorly on quality.

    Super premium food

    If you are not familiar with financial problems, choose super premium food for your cat. The highest quality ingredients are used to make them, they have a balanced content of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and practically do not contain any chemicals or dyes. By feeding your cat with this food, you don’t have to worry about its health or well-being. Super premium foods include: Bosch SANABELLE, ProNature Holistic, 1st Choice, Profine Adult Cat, Arden Grange, Cimiao.

    Holistic food

    Although holistic class is the best existing cat food, not all owners of these animals know about it. Of course, holistic class is food for cats, which is produced by professionals for professionals. These foods are fed to purebred cats in the most expensive catteries. The only possible drawback of these foods is the lack of any flavoring, which is why some kittens are not very willing to eat them at first. However, as they say, hunger is not your aunt, and therefore even the most fastidious gourmets start eating when they are very hungry.

    The most popular holistic foods are: Holistic, Chicken Soup, Wellness, Natural&Delicious, Eagle Pack Cat Canidae, Orijen, Felidae, ANF holistic, Almo Nature, Acana, Earthborn Holistic Holistic, GO and NOW Natural, Innova, Golden Eagle (N&D) .

    General information

    In Russian periodicals, for some reason, “chemical” is often understood as radiation castration, when sexual activity is removed by targeted gamma healing. This is fundamentally incorrect, since “chemical” infertility is castration performed by introducing certain compounds into the body of animals.

    In general, it is difficult to consider the pros and cons in this situation. The “pros” are the simplicity and low cost of these methods, and the “cons” are their lack of knowledge. This is especially acute in our veterinary medicine.

    Up to this day, intensive research has been and is still being carried out on such methods of detoxifying cats. A conservative form of contraception is a promising additional method of limiting their fertility. It is interesting that in human medicine such studies have been carried out since the 30s of the last century, but, for obvious reasons, castration was rarely studied directly. Scientists needed drugs that would reduce the likelihood of fertilization, but would not affect a person’s libido. Veterinary medicine requires a different approach.

    It was necessary to develop a drug that would limit the process of spermatogenesis. At first, the researchers followed the beaten path, trying, based on the experience of doctors, to solve the problem with hormones, but it soon became clear that such methods were too expensive for use in animals. In addition, constant administration of drugs is required, which greatly increases the cost of the technique and negates all its potential advantages.

    Increasingly, conclusions were drawn that it was necessary to act “tougher” by introducing some kind of chemicals. These substances, when injected into the testis, epididymis or vas deferens, cause infertility by promoting azoospermia in males. And in 2011, such a solution was found... in India, where veterinarians were given the “simple” task of maximizing the number of stray cats.

    Characteristics of the first component

    The first five components make a mixed impression. Place No. 1 here is occupied by an interesting mixture - pieces of fresh meat, liver and lungs of lamb. On the one hand, it is good that this source of animal protein is added fresh, and that it is 30% of the diet.

    On the other hand, the ratio of the three components of this mixture is completely unclear - it may turn out that there are much more offal than muscle meat. It is impossible to find out for sure. Of course, it is preferable when the manufacturer indicates such ingredients in the composition separately, clearly indicating the dosage or proportion of each of them.


    The packaging says that Mauricio's cat food consists of selected ingredients, does not contain preservatives or soy, and strengthens the immune system. Its composition:

    • water;
    • meat and meat by-products;
    • fish trimmings and fish products;
    • cereals;
    • sugar;
    • vitamins (D3, E);
    • trace elements (zinc, manganese, copper, iodine);
    • taurine;
    • biotin;
    • herbal ingredients;
    • plant protein extracts.

    As for the percentage of substances, in canned food the ratio per 100 g of product is as follows:

    • 82 percent humidity;
    • 8 percent crude protein;
    • 4.5 percent fat;
    • 2 percent raw ash;
    • 0.3 percent crude fiber.

    It would seem that this food contains all the necessary ingredients for a cat’s health: shiny coat, smooth skin, sharp vision. In particular, a small amount of protein is a positive rather than a negative point, since an excess of this component provokes kidney problems in cats. But many questions arise from organ meats, grains and sugar.

    As for the first, this wording usually indicates raw materials are not of very high quality. If you take bags of beef, they contain only 4% beef. Usually it is not meat, but lungs, bones and other offal.

    High-quality pet food, as a rule, does not contain grains, since they are strong allergens, and therefore are not accepted by all four-legged pets. And sugar is generally harmful for cats. It is not needed as a flavoring additive, since cats do not perceive sweets. This product also contains very few minerals.

    Thus, we can conclude that Maurizio is not a premium food, but an economy class food. Actually, this is confirmed by its cost. And the packaging itself does not at all qualify as premium, since it is made rather carelessly: the inscriptions are embossed poorly, some of them are erased, which makes it impossible to fully read the information. Unlike packaging of expensive food, there is no duplicate composition on the back of Mauricio bags

    How to feed your pet?

    The most important thing: the cat must have clean water. Always, at any time of the day, whenever the animal wants to drink

    This is the disadvantage of dry food. Cats drink a lot from them, which means the litter has to be changed often. It’s easier in this regard with spiders. They don't make pets so thirsty.

    Never exceed the required amount. It is indicated on the packaging. As a rule, the daily norm is given. If you feed your pet twice a day, then divide it in half.

    How to feed a cat correctly? How many times a day? It depends on the age of the pet. A small kitten is fed more often, but in small portions. It is enough to feed an adult animal twice a day. Sick and pregnant women - three or four times a day.

    The number of feedings for kittens also depends on their age:

    • From a month to two – six times a day.
    • From two to three - five times.
    • From three to six - four times.
    • From six to ten - three times.
    • From ten and for life (exceptions are indicated above) - twice.

    What food to replace "Milfil"

    A cat owner may have difficulty purchasing Mealfeel. For example, financial difficulties may occur, or the food may not be available in the usual store. In this case, you can replace this product with a different brand of food:

    • premium class (Royal Canin, Iams, Wellkiss, etc.);
    • super premium class (Pronature Original, Bozita, 1st Choice, Profine, etc.);
    • holistic (Farmina, Grandorf, Eagle Pack, Nutram, etc.).

    Table: replacement feed

    ClassTypeNameFlavorsGuaranteed performanceEnergy valueRelease formKitten foodPrice
    PremiumDry and wetIams ("Yams")Chicken (and salmon), turkey, ocean fish, lamb, beef, rabbit, assorted.
    • protein - 33%;
    • fat - 16%;
    • ash - 7.2%;
    • fiber - 1.9%;
    • humidity - 8%.
    Not specifiedPackages from 300 g to 10 kg, pouches of 100 gKitten&JuniorFrom 240 rubles (300 g)
    Wellkiss (“Wellkiss”)Duck, fish, turkey, chicken, lamb, trout with salmon, beef with lamb or chicken.
    • protein - 28.0%;
    • fat - 20.0%;
    • raw ash - 7%;
    • fiber - 6.5%.
    Up to 3856 kcal/kgPouches of 400 g and 1.5 kg, pouches of 100 g, cans of 410 g"For kittens"From 200 rubles (400 g)
    SuperpremiumDry1st Choice (“First Choice”)Chicken, salmon, duck.
    • protein - up to 30%;
    • fat - up to 20%;
    • fiber - 6%;
    • moisture -10%;
    • ash - 8.5%.
    Up to 3770 kcal/kgPackages from 340 g to 11.3 kg"Healthy start"From 680 rubles (907 g)
    Dry and wetProfineChicken, fish or turkey with rice, chicken with vegetables, fish with herbs, seafood.
    • protein - up to 37%;
    • fat - 19%;
    • fiber - 5.5%;
    • humidity - 10%;
    • raw ash - 6%.
    Up to 3900 kcal/kgPackages of 300 g, 1.5 kg, 2 and 3 kg, cans of 70 gKittenFrom 220 rubles (300 g)
    HolisticDryEagle PackChicken and salmon
    • protein - up to 43%;
    • fat - up to 21%;
    • fiber - 3%;
    • ash - 9.9%;
    • humidity - 7%.
    Not specifiedPackages of 400 g, 2, 4 and 10 kgKitten formula 34/22From 460 rubles (400 g)
    Nutram (“Nutram”)Turkey with chicken, salmon and trout.
    • protein - from 32%;
    • fat - 15%;
    • fiber - 5%;
    • ash - 10%;
    • humidity - 7.5%.
    Up to 3700 kcal/kgPackages of 400 g, 1.82 kg, 6.8 kgNutram S1From 260 rubles (400 g)


    This brand has been producing animal feed for a long time. But there are already enough reviews and information about the company to compare the advantages and disadvantages of the products.

    The advantages include:

    • affordable price in its price category (super-premium);
    • accessibility and prevalence, products can be purchased in almost all pet stores and large retail outlets;
    • contains vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain good animal health;
    • minimal technological processing of feed;
    • a large assortment that includes both canned food and Organics dry food;
    • high density of formed pieces of meat;
    • low jelly content in wet food;
    • the ability to store opened product in the refrigerator for a long time;
    • the same tastes in dry and wet food, which allows you to combine different types of food with each other;
    • increased calorie content, which allows the pet to be satisfied with less food;
    • high digestibility of feed.

    Table: what can replace Eukanuba food

    BrandComposition of daily food (first 10 ingredients)Average cost 1 kgPeculiarities
    • hare meat (fresh 15%; dehydrated 35%);
    • yellow peas;
    • cassava starch;
    • animal fat (chicken fat content 99.5%, preserved with natural antioxidants);
    • rice;
    • oats;
    • dry beet pulp;
    • hydrolyzed animal protein;
    • brewer's yeast (source of MOS and vitamin B12);
    • egg powder.
    700 rub.The manufacturer indicates the percentage of ingredients, so we have an idea of ​​the overall ratio of meat and plant components. Whole meat is used without additives, most of it is dried raw materials. Herbal ingredients are relatively safe and rarely cause allergies.
    • dehydrated chicken meat;
    • whole rice;
    • maize;
    • chicken fat;
    • fish flour;
    • processed barley kernels;
    • hydrolyzed chicken liver;
    • beet pulp (to improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract);
    • flax-seed;
    • brewer's yeast (a source of healthy coat and skin).
    200 rub.Inexpensive premium food. You shouldn’t expect much from it, but in general its quality is comparable to Eukanuba products, despite the fact that the price difference reaches 400 rubles. for 1 kg. Some cereals are sources of slow carbohydrates. Whole dried meat is used, with additional fishmeal present.
    • fresh chicken meat;
    • chicken fillet;
    • turkey fillet;
    • duck fillet;
    • fresh turkey meat;
    • fresh salmon meat;
    • trout fillet;
    • chicken fat (source of vitamin E);
    • natural fish flavor;
    • peas.
    500 rub.The manufacturer uses not just whole meat, but fresh meat, which undergoes minimal processing and retains maximum nutrients. The overall share of meat components is impressive: the first 7 positions are occupied by muscle tissue.

    Types of food and main differences from other well-known brands

    As mentioned above, Sheba is available in the form of canned food and bags. The choice of flavors is quite diverse and therefore any, even the most picky cat will be able to choose the most suitable one for herself. Sheba food is divided into three collections, such as:

    • Pleasure spiders;
    • Classic canned food;
    • Fusion canned goods.

    The spider collection includes wet food that is treated with steam. Any bag of premium food is ready for consumption and there is no need to process it thermally. Each bag contains a dish consisting of two meat or fish ingredients.

    Spiders Sheba Pleasure

    Thus, the Pleasure collection presents such exquisite dishes as:

    • chicken and turkey (30% - chicken meat, and 4% - turkey meat);
    • chicken and rabbit;
    • veal and tongue (20% - veal meat, 5% - tongue);
    • beef and lamb;
    • beef and rabbit;
    • tuna and salmon.

    Canned food Sheba Classic

    Canned products come in a smaller variety of flavors, but each dish is created according to an individual recipe. A small jar contains poultry or fish in a surprisingly delicate sauce. According to the manufacturers, each jar is packed by hand. As for flavors, this collection includes tuna with shrimp, tuna in sauce, sautéed chicken breast and assorted duck and chicken.

    Canned food Sheba Fusion

    Fusion's most sophisticated and limited collection of canned food, with large pieces of meat and other unusual ingredients, includes just two dishes:

    • chicken and duck tournedos (a French meat dish consisting of pieces of tenderloin no thicker than a finger);
    • chicken tagliata with beef (an Italian dish consisting of pieces of meat cut into strips).

    More information about Sheba's recipes and tastes can be found on the official website.

    What is the difference between Sheba and other famous brands?

    Of course, cat food does not end with Mars brand products. No less popular and advertised cat food is Felix spiders. But if you compare Sheba and Felix, you can find a number of visible and important differences that will clearly not be in favor of the latter. Thus, Felix spiders belong to economy class food and contain a much smaller amount of natural meat in their composition.

    The same applies to vitamins, and because of this, the cat is unlikely to be able to satisfy its daily need for microelements with one packet of Felix. In addition, Felix contains flavoring additives and aromas that attract the animal. Thus, it can only be fed to cats in excellent health and in limited quantities.

    The same can be said for Gourmet, which contains various additives and dyes. More detailed information about Felix and Gourmet food can be found on their official websites.

    Prevention measures

    In order not to use vitamins when the immune system in cats is weakened, you need to adhere to some preventive measures. They will prevent the serious consequences of this condition and the development of certain diseases. The main preventive measures include:

    1. Proper, easily digestible cat nutrition with an optimal set of nutrients.
    2. Minimizing stressful situations.
    3. Maintaining your cat's physical activity using play simulators.
    4. Proper conditions for keeping a pet.
    5. Tracking your pet's weight.

    But if these measures do not protect the cat from reduced immunity, then you should contact your veterinarian to prescribe vitamins.

    Cats need vitamins to strengthen their immune system.

    But it is important to remember that only a veterinarian should prescribe their dosage and schedule of administration.

    This article has been checked and approved by a veterinarian. Knyazeva Anna Vladimirovna, veterinarian in private practice, Moscow. more about the expert.

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    In 2012, a retrospective of the artist was held at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, bringing together 128 projects. In addition, Cattelan announced his intention to retire to avoid repetition. A promotional campaign was released in support of the exhibition: in the photograph, the artist, captured against the backdrop of his works, was holding a tombstone with the prophetic inscription The End.

    Leon Neal

    However, it did not last long, and in 2016 Cattelan returned to duty. As the artist himself explained, “inaction turned out to be even greater torture for him than work.” His first piece after a break was an 18-karat gold toilet, first exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum in New York

    in 2016. According to the artist’s idea, the toilet was connected to the sewer system so that every visitor had the opportunity to use it for its intended purpose. According to the administration of the Guggenheim Museum, about 100 thousand people did this after the exhibition began. The work is currently under investigation - thieves stole the toilet during the exhibition, which took place this fall at Blenheim Palace.

    What happened after the murder of Gucci's grandson

    By 2014, Patricia had spent 16 years in prison, after which the punishment was replaced with labor. This allowed her to work at the Bozart accessories store and return to the fashion world again. Recently, the doorman Giuseppe Onorato filed a lawsuit against her along with the mistress of her deceased husband. They began to demand financial compensation from the woman. The Black Widow herself filed a lawsuit against her own daughters, who refuse to pay compensation for her maintenance.

    Patricia admitted that now she has something to remember. She likes the work. She spoke more than once about what jewelry the first ladies wore and much more. At the moment, Patricia rarely remembers the murder in the Gucci family. She intends to pay off all debts in order to devote the rest of her life to her daughters.

    Lady Gaga, who plays the role in the musical about Gucci, admitted that she was shocked by the plot. And Reggiani herself does not want her daughters to relive the death of their father, but the film has been produced, and the premiere of the musical has already conquered London.

    Copyright to the article belongs to Copying material is prohibited!


    Qilai Shen

    Despite the indignation of animal rights activists, the artist has repeatedly turned animals, both living and stuffed, into the heroes of his installations. One notable case involved an early 1994 project for the New York gallery Daniel Newburgh. Faced with technical and financial difficulties, Maurizio Cattelan decided to get out of the situation in a very original way by exhibiting a donkey in the pavilion. According to the artist, this animal perfectly reflected the situation in which he had to find himself.

    In 1997, he presented an installation featuring two stuffed mice lying on sun loungers under a beach umbrella.

    It was she who attracted the attention of the art community to Cattelan’s person, marking the beginning of a new stage in his work. Perhaps one of his most iconic works in the genre of taxidermy was a stuffed horse called “The Ballad of Trotsky”, designed to recall the tragic outcome of revolutions

    Recently, the exhibit was presented as part of an exhibition by the Louis Vuitton Foundation at the Moscow Pushkin Museum. Pushkin, which caused a rather mixed reaction on social networks. Perhaps even more resonant was another sculptural composition - the bodies of five headless horses protruding from the wall of an art gallery in the Swiss city of Basel.


    Maurizio Cattelan did not receive any formal art training, so he prefers to call himself an “art worker” rather than an “artist.” This fact further emphasizes his absurdist approach to art: disregarding the established hierarchy in the art world, he chose for himself the role of a court jester. And, as you know, he is allowed much more than others. Before entering the art world, the artist at various times worked as a cook, gardener, security guard and even a sperm donor. And he began his creative path by making pieces of furniture for his own apartment, which he called “functional objects with creative overtones.”

    Sheba range

    You will not find dry food in the Sheba assortment. All brand products are presented in the format of wet diets designed for adult cats:

    • Sheba Mini - pouches, the contents of which are pieces in sauce;
    • Sheba Pleasure - “Sheba’s Pleasure”, wet food in sachet packaging (pouch);
    • Sheba Appetito - “Sheba Appetito”, slices in jelly, packaged in a convenient sachet format;
    • Sheba Naturalle - “Sheba Naturalle”, whole pieces of meat in sauce in pouches;
    • Sheba Classic canned food is an additional food for cats in the form of meat pieces in jelly. Packaging: lamister with foil;
    • Sheba Delicatesso is a collection of cat food made in the form of pate or fricassee. Packaging: lamister covered with foil.

    Wet food “Sheba” - in bags (spiders), jars and lamisters - is manufactured in Thailand, Germany and Russia.

    Mealfeel cat food review

    It should be noted that Mealfeel, like Grandin and ABBA food, is produced by order of the Four Paws pet store chain. Therefore, it cannot be found on the shelves of other pet stores, this also applies to the countries of origin (that is, it is sold only in Russia).

    Composition of Mealfeel food

    Let's study the composition of Mealfeel food using the example of the Indoor option (for adult cats with chicken and turkey). For ease of reading, we recommend enlarging the images below by left-clicking on them:

    Screenshot of the composition from the official website.

    The first three ingredients are meat, and it would seem that together they make up 45%. But we must take into account that 15% of fresh chicken meat after cooking will turn into a maximum of 5%, that is, in the finished dry food there will be at least three times less of it. Also, “dehydrated turkey” and “dehydrated chicken” do not mean meat. Probably, in addition to this, these ingredients contain by-products (otherwise the manufacturer would definitely write “dehydrated turkey meat”).

    In addition to the meat components, there are three more rich sources of protein further in the composition: dried egg products, dried arctic krill and easily digestible pea protein. But considering that the latter is almost at the very end of the lineup, there is very little of him. From this we can conclude that the main 32% of protein indicated in the analysis is of animal origin.

    Sources of carbohydrates include peas, white rice and brown rice. Animal fats are sources of saturated fatty acids and vitamin D, flaxseed is a source of unsaturated fatty acids. Brewer's yeast is rich in B vitamins.

    Dried carrots and dried cranberries are sources of fiber and vitamins. The second also has antioxidant properties. Rosemary is a natural preservative. The plant "Malea cordate" contains substances that have antibacterial and anticholinesterase effects. Yucca Schidigera - reduces the smell of excrement.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    The advantages of Milfil food include:

    • the main source of protein is meat ingredients;
    • rich in vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances;
    • natural preservatives are used;
    • In addition to dry food, there are spiders and canned food.

    Among the disadvantages of the food:

    • relatively high price, some feeds with better composition cost the same;
    • food can only be purchased in one chain of pet stores and nowhere else.


    Representatives of the Canadian company Champion PetFoods sought to create a product that would best satisfy the needs of animals. This principle is known as “biologically appropriate.” Its concept is simple: to make food that is as balanced as possible and only from natural ingredients, which any cat or dog can easily get used to.

    There are several points that must be strictly observed:

    • Since cats, as a predatory biological species, ate meat throughout their entire evolutionary development, industrially produced food should fully meet their needs. Those. contain at least 75% meat and 90% protein.
    • After heat treatment, meat loses most of its nutrients, so it should always be produced raw or fresh.
    • A diet containing only one or two types of prey can be called meager. At Champion PetFoods, they use at least 3 types of meat and add variety by adding fish or chicken eggs. There are exceptions, but they are few (for example, the Acana Singles line, designed specifically for animals with food allergies, intolerance to certain components, and with digestive problems).
    • Hunting cats raised on the street, having caught their prey, eat it all: along with the skin, entrails and cartilage. A person, trying to make digestion easier for a pet, tries to remove all this, and thereby makes a big mistake: after all, these parts often contain especially valuable components. They are present in Acana food.
    • The predator rarely comes across carbohydrates in natural conditions, which is why Acana food contains neither potatoes nor grains, but contains only those vegetables and fruits whose glycemic index is low (i.e. there is no threat of diabetes).
    • Manufacturers prefer to buy feed products nearby: in the same regions where production is located, namely in the Canadian state of Alberta. This is not just a state - it is the agricultural center of the country, the main supplier of fresh fish and meat, vegetables, fruits and berries.

    The entire production process of Acana feed (Akana) - from food processing to packaging - takes place in one place. Genetically modified raw materials are not used, nor are dyes!

    Acana food was first sold in 1975. Its creator, an ordinary farmer Reinhard Mählenfeld, owned a pet store and loved animals very much. For a long time, only veterinary drugs were on sale, but then Reinhard decided to try selling his own food for dogs and cats. The local animals ate them with great appetite, grew quickly and looked great, the animal owners were delighted, and Mählenfeld’s business quickly took off.

    Attempts to sell recipes to giant companies that successfully traded in the market were unsuccessful: they saw no point in getting involved with a small farmer and did not consider it necessary to invest in what they thought was a “low-profit” business. Then Reinhard, with the support of his loved ones, through many obstacles, opened his own production.

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